Erotic Fantasy Stories

Erotic Fantasy Stories

Life Has Accidental Surprises

I look back and wonder what would have happened if I had not made a quick stop at a Stop and Go store to pick some water on my way home from my job. I work at a Veterinary office near my home which is out in the country.

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The Beastmistress

It had been a long weekend for Dee, with her inner fantasies being exposed and her sexuality explored to the limit. She had arrived home tired, drained but utterly fulfilled. Her mind though was buzzing with possibilities and permutations. Had two women and their assortment of animals really taken her to the limits of ecstasy? Had she really been so turned on that reason went out of the window?

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Beth's First Horse Experience

I'd go as far as to say that in the office were I work they consider me to be a bit of a boring, daddies girl type. My name is Beth and I'm 24 years old now. I've been to university and have ended up with a good job in the centre of Leeds in northern England. I'm a consultant in something so boring I won't go into. I would describe myself as 5'7 tall, I keep very fit at the gym I attend most evenings after work and am about eight and a half stone. I know I've always been good looking and have long blonde wavy hair and blue eyes. I'm lucky to have long legs and true to form, guys can't take their eyes off my chest because although slim, I am 32E in the bra department.

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Samantha and Thunder

Thunder whinnied and stamped as he was led to the mare in heat. Still, he had done this many times before, and so allowed himself to be led up to the breeding stand by Samantha Bower, whose father helped him settle into place. The mare snorted as the large dick penetrated her vagina, and the stallion began to thrust in and out. He was a magnificent creature, 4 years old, strong, and fast. His fur was dark brown, heading to black on his "socks" on his lower legs, and his mane almost black. On his forehead was a streak of white like a lightning bolt that had helped give him his name.

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Violett: I am Mated

By the time I was 18 I had matured into a very attractive young lady. In short, I was hot and I had a sexual imagination to match. I tried boys. They didn't do anything for me. There was something about boys that always kind of repulsed me. Their body hair, their odors, their aggressive demeanor disgusted me. I gave them a fair chance but I just could not find the interest for them that I had for the tender flesh and gentle manners of other girls.

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Turning Her Into A Whore

I had the evening planned out well. My wife of less than a year was young and inexperienced in the ways of sex. Don't get me wrong she is one hot sexy girl and her body and looks would make the dead cum. Long blond hair and a rockin' body that never ceases to excite me. But she lacks experience. With her looks you would think that she would be an exotic stripper. Incredible tits and nipples that are thick and long. Lithe sensual body with legs that are long and shapely like her tight little ass.

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A Case Of Puppy Love

When David and I moved from the city to far out in the country, his fears of me being alone on those nights he had to work late, or the times he had to travel began to make him feel uneasy about our decision to move.

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Kellie Gets Tied

I worked in the garden until two on Saturday, then realized Kellie would be here in an hour. I quickly ran inside and jumped in the shower. As I ran my hands down the length of my body, I stopped at my vaginal lips and found that two fingers slid immediately inside.

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It all started with a lunch, that turned into an affair, that turned into a five-way, with a lucky guy and 4 hot woman.

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A wife wants some sexy photos taken of her as an anniversary surprise for her husband.

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Long Drive Home

One way to stay awake on the long ride home from a weekend away.

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Kory's Fun Time

A girl finds more than she was looking for on a chat site.

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K.L.O.S Morning Show

A sexy young employee decides to do her boss, while calling in to a popular radio show.

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Kitten Puss; A Father Daughter Story

A girl likes kinky sex with her boyfriend and when she stumbles on her dad masturbating in his bedroom, she turns her sexual kinkiness toward him.

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Katoey Ladyboy For My Wife

My Thai wife and I both have sex with a Katoey ladyboy in Bangkok.

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Jim's Story

Jim's an e-mail friend, and he had an interesting story about his marriage, which I'll share with you here.

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Jim and Cindy

A widowed father of two gets a visit from his late wife's best friend.

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Jason's Power

I have read stories of mind control, fantasies of drugs or amulets, of unlimited sex and total control, of men or women or both as slaves to a master. But, my story is not a fantasy. It is real. It happened. I thought I should share it so those who read these stories will understand what a real mind control situation is like.

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I Told You

Regardless of the obvious physical advantage I would normally have over her, there was the small problem of being helplessly slung over the side of the couch with my hands bound tightly behind my back, while her 8" strap-on cock sawed endlessly into my formerly tight hole. Oh, and the way I was dressed wasn't exactly conducive to running away either. It's hard to run away from your girlfriend when you're dressed like a Hollywood hooker.

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Jan the Slut

A new teacher in a rundown school district finds fringe benefits that make up for the lousy conditions.

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A married man is dominated by his perverted neighbor when she finds out about his fetishes.

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Is It Really Him?

A sweet little story about anonymous sex, light consensual bondage and doubt.

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A buff construction worker foreman tries out his submissive bisexual side with a Male Master while his live in girl friend is out of the country. His girl friend comes back unexpectedly and catches him. The boy friend's life takes a drastic turn.

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Inside Out

A man comes home to spy his wife fucking their black friend. Instead of confronting them he visit's his black friend's wife and they come to an agreement.

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I Loved My Sister

A story about irresponsible parents, children left in the dark and unknowingly committing incest.

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I try with every bone in my body not to cry, it comes from somewhere I can't control. It's something that hurts me to my core because I know I'm displeasing you but...

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Hot Summer In Dallas

A married couple invite a handsome repairman to have sex with them.

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Hot Black Stud

Three years ago my wife had her first experience with a black man at a swinging party. That evening has changed the entire nature of our sex life - and for the better.

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Home Early

A husband comes home early from a business trip to find his lovely wife putting on a lude show for a room full of strange people. What does he do? Joins in of course.

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A fantasy about breasts and the never ending cum.

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Home Early

When Claire comes home from university too early and catches her parents "playing" with the family dog, it all leads to an incestuous orgy of the whole family, including a lot of animal sex, watersports and also gay sex between father and son.

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High School Jerk

A guy meets up with an old high school acquaintance and they decide to masturbate together. Pretty improbable.

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Hannah's Humiliation

I opened the smaller envelope, removing a single eight by ten black and white glossy photograph. The instant I looked at it, I felt the sweat break out on my face, the tingling in my limbs, the bile rising in my stomach. I knew I was going to faint...

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Good Golly, Mrs. Mommy!

I took my mom's surprised head with its open mouth and planted it over my stiff fuck tool! "Don't mind me, honey. This will be far more relaxing than a martini!" I cried. I began using her head to masturbate my pulsing cock. It was show time! I was so horny and gleeful at my audacity, I didn't consider the thousand unpleasant and even dangerous ways my mother could react.

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Auntie's Panties

I've always had this serious thing for women's' underwear. Even as far back as grammar school I loved to sit on the ground in the school yard to watch the girls jump rope and show off their frilly little panties, just for me.

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It was the first weekend of summer vacation and my girlfriend Debbie was spending the night with me. My family lived in the hills outside LA and my parents let my girlfriends and I use our guest house for sleepovers so we could stay up late and not bother anyone.

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