Night at the Movies

Take the time when Mum and I kissed under the mistletoe at Christmas. Admittedly, she'd had a few glasses of wine, but we'd never kissed like that before. She pulled me under the mistletoe, laughing, and took my face in her hands and kissed me on the lips. She was wearing a shortish skirt and a sleeveless silk blouse, with a sprig of holly in her hair, and it felt marvellous when I put my arms round her.

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The Telephone Call

Veronica glanced at the rearview mirror to check her appearance. At 35 she knew she was still very attractive. She had kept herself in shape, running and dieting. She weighed just over 120 pounds, with large 38D breast that were very firm with no sag at all.

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White Girl's Indian Terror

Heather struggled against her leather bonds, wishing to scream but unable to because of the rawhide gag that cut into her mouth. She refused to believe that only hours ago she and her 18 year old sister Beth were wrapped hotly in each other's naked arms in the darkness of the wagon when the savage raid began.

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Dog Tasting

"God I love the taste of your dog's cum," said Teresa. She was lapping at Molli's pussy, slurping up the remnants of Humphrey's orgasm. Humphrey was laying on his side panting, his long tongue licking around his red cock as it shrank back into its sheath.

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Pet Mommy: Becoming a Mommy-slut

MILF Mom catches nerdy son masturbating and becomes obsessed.

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Wrist-Deep in the Cunt Hole - My Shy Friend Maria

My shy friend surprises me at a concert between my legs, and I repay her afterwards by taking her harshly on the parking lot.

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KC - The Fantasy Begins

As I awake, I crawl from my bed half asleep and stumble toward the window. I notice the sun shining and what looks to be the beginning of a beautiful Saturday. I have no plans for the day and love to go with the flow of where the day will take me. I head for the shower and as I get the water ready, I can feel my body aching for some loving.

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Rosy Pays Her Dues

A little spanking never hurt anyone, not really.

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A closet lesbian, on her own for the first time, away at college, thinks about exploring her urges with an attractive roommate.

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Caught Twice

The Big Dane was an inside dog and the neighbors kept him very clean. She had saw the way the Dane hung close to the woman next door and the affection she paid to him on many occasions. She often wondered why the Dane stayed so close to the woman. But, he often played in the yard with her two teenaged boys also.

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Wife's First Canine Mating

My wife and I are professionals in our separate fields, and we live in a gated estate in a semi rural setting. We are what you would call DINKS, double income no kids. We are in our late thirties and our combined incomes allow us the luxuries of having what ever we need to live a very satisfying life style.

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Living The College Life, Can A Party Girl Go To Far?

I'm enrolled in college in Michigan. I live in Lansing, but I wont tell you what college I go to just in case. I'm in my Sophomore year, and am enjoying a very active social and sexual life. I've slowly became use to my surroundings and am comfortable with my sexuality here, acting like I was at home in Japan. I'm living off campus, I needed a little freedom that the dorms wouldn't allow...

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DUI Girl

I shouldn't have been driving anyway. I'd had one too many at the office party and I shouldn't have let Jim bend me over his desk and fuck me. Now, here I was sitting on a damp spot with a cop behind me, lights flashing. I was in a panic, I didn't need another ticket and I absolutely didn't need a DUI. Hopefully he wouldn't make me blow into anything.

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Mom's In Charge

Now you see that? You see how she swallows him all the way down to the balls and milks the shaft with her lips? That's the way I want to see you this afternoon baby. I want to see you with a face full of dick and a happy cocksucker's smile on your puckered pouty lips. Do you think you can do that for me? Can you be my little cocksucker?

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I Am My Doggie's Pussy

I have lived alone since my divorce several years ago and have a home sort of in the rural suburbs. I work a part time job and have a big Lab named Bear that is my watch dog since I am alone most of the time. I am not a beauty queen and am a little on the heavy side as I have a wide ass and plump thighs. My breast are very large, a 44 Ds and I love to play with them.

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Pussy Cats

My name is Alicia, and I had just joined the high school cheerleaders squad midway through the fall football season. The football team was called the Wild Cats and the unofficial nickname for the cheerleaders was the Pussy Cats for more reasons than one. I had always heard that the cheerleaders squad was very close and did everything together. I soon found out just how close.

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Purchasing Yumi

The guy told me he knew a friend of a friend who dealt in the sex-slave trade. He said that he could introduce me to someone who could accommodate my needs.

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Please Bang My Thai Girlfriend

True story: I fell in love with a Thai bargirl who I intend to marry. She carries on working in a bar while waiting for my return. Please visit her. She needs money!

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The Phony Doctor Examines My Wife

A husband surreptitiously spies on his wife's Gynecological exam, with suspicion.

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The Phone Call

A man is seduced into an affair by a hot wife, too horny to take no for an answer.

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Paying For The Ride

A woman needs help and thinks she's getting some, only to find out that help has a price, one she might not be willing to pay.

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The Paperboy

A teenage boy discovers the side benefits of an afternoon job and realizes that there are more than just wages to be earned.

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My Beautiful Dog

I was walking Bambi, my 3 year old chocolate lab, although she was really more blonde, than brown. She was actually my second dog, but my first one was a male named Stud! and he'd turned out to be gay. So I wasn't taking any chances, if Bambi was gay too, at least she'd still love me.

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Cloud: The Cherry Buster

The four girls plopped down out in the hayloft. They all were naked. All were juicy between their legs. All had their faces smeared with each other's pussy cream.

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Horsing Around

The massive black stallion walked behind her sedately as she led it back to the barn, occasionally nickering softly to her as if talking to her. Once she had him back in his stall in the barn, taken his bridle off she tethered him by his halter and took the saddle and blanket off of him then wiped and brushed him down gently, talking softly to him as she did. It was as if the animal understood her words because he would nicker, snort or whinny here and there as she spoke

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Beth's Second Horse Experience

Hello and welcome to the second installment of my story. To wrap up last time, it's fair to say that I had bruises down my ribs for 2 weeks from Milo's attention! Because I remain single in the relationship department, I have used my first experience as something of a fantasy on the lonely nights when I've masturbated.

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Overseas Assignment

A wife given permission to scratch her itch, and writes details to husband about her fling while he is in Turkey.

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One Hour

How can she so single-mindedly focus all her attention on my cock? Until it feels as if the rest of my body becomes less substantial, less real, a figment of my imagination, while my cock seems to grow proportionately, taking over my mind, until I feel that that is all I am. One enormous, throbbing cock.

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The Old Man's Office

A spoiled rich bitch cajoles her boy-toy into sex in her father's office at work.

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The Office Lunch

Two married co-workers are infatuated with each other and one day - even though they know it's wrong, succumb to temptation at the office.

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A guy with blonde hair and light complexion is a rarity at the radio station in a border town. But his unusual looks nets him a beautiful Latina woman whose curious what a white guy is like in bed.

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Nine O'clock

A couple enjoy a little romantic bondage play as she explores his body while he's cuffed and blindfolded.

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Night of Abuse for Lisa and Ann

Frank makes a mistake with the Blade's street gang and Lisa and Ann pay the price.

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Julie. The Adventure Continues

It was a few days after the last encounter with Julie when Gina had walked in on us. Julie was still quite scared to talk about her affair with the dog in front of Gina, even though I tried to assure her that it was okay. We were out in the back yard lying on the soft grass, and enjoying the coolness of the shade of the large avocado tree. It was quite hot that weekend, and so we were all wearing minimal clothing. Julie and Gina were clad in bikinis and I had my favorite silk boxers on. I was having a difficult time keeping my eyes off their sexy bodies. Both of their bikini tops were very low-cut, hardly concealing the full firmness of their beautiful breasts.

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A Ramming For Hubby

The first time I shaved my pussy, I looked at it as I was masturbating and loved the new look. I have a fat little pussy and a wide ass. My labia has such profound lips as they are quite puffy. I love to watch as I take my toys or my husbands cock between my puffy lips.

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Janice and Richard's First Time

Richard and Janice had always had a great love for animals. They owned a large farm with several varieties of them from dogs to cow and horses. They even had a few goats and sheep. It was nothing spectacular but they were happy.

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