Domination/submission Erotic Fantasy Stories

Domination/submission Erotic Fantasy Stories

Lana Wants to Share

Lana decides to share her boyfriend with her best friend, but he turns the tables.

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My Sister, The Bitch...

"Anytime you want to stop being my slave, all you have to do is say I AM FREE three times and you'll be free. But then I'll feel free to do what I want with your diary. As long as you're my slave, you and I are the only ones who will ever see your diary. As soon as you decide you want to be free, that can change," he told her. "So it is really up to you. Whatever happens is going to happen of your own free will, by your decision and agreement. So you need to make up your mind," he told her. Dani just stared at him, not six inches separating them, he dressed and she totally naked, brother and sister. "Yes, Master," was all she said.

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Secret Cameras in the House

Sabrina was his older sister by a year; she was the one who brings him all the bad reputation. She is a year older than him and three inches shorter than him, standing 5’7, with long silky dirty brown hair. She plays hockey, and basketball, and she also does cheerleading. This makes her be in top physical shape, she weighs 150 all muscle no fat. She was our schools slut; she basically had sex with every single one of the football team players, except Blake. Even though she was now changing and is trying to build her reputation up, she occasionally brings people to her bedroom.

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Tera's Awakening; No Going Back

From the moment Dave agreed to help fulfill Tera's needs things spiraled downward for him and into heaven for her!

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German Shepherd

Maybe because of the dog that fucked me yesterday, or maybe because I didn't want to see the dog right now... I was afraid. I took the LONG WAY around the auto repair shop, but could not help myself from looking for the dog.

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