Fantasy Erotic Fantasy Stories

Fantasy Erotic Fantasy Stories

Confessions of a Stripper

I sat on a bench in the locker room thinking to myself, "What have I just done?" I looked at a stack of money I was clenching in my right hand. I counted a total of $1100. Numerous emotions ran through my head as I was trying to decide whether having just fucked a stranger for money was a good thing or bad thing.

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Happy Hour

I went home, and immediately my dog Samson came to greet me. He was awesome, and provided alot of companionship. He's a Great Dane, and I'd had him about 2 years at that time. I called my friends, and Julie had a date, and Amber was going to the her lake house for the weekend. I was stuck. I could've called Thomas to go out, but I didn't want to deal with a man today. I wanted to hang out with the girls. I made myself a drink out of the bottle I had in the kitchen, and went through the house taking my suit and heels off as I went. By the time I made it to my bedroom, I just had my panties and stockings on. I sat down on the bed, and took them off, and just threw them to the side. It was FRIDAY finally!! Anyone who works a Monday through Friday job can appreciate Friday. It's like you can exhale, and just relax for two days.

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Taking Advantage of Daddy

My step father was so hot...I had to have him!

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Lust Sisters

This one is dedicated to my older sister. Need I say more

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Lust Sisters

This one is dedicated to my older sister. Need I say more

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Black Swan Seduction

Since the Oscar nominations were announced yesterday I thought I would publish this hot fan fic of Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.

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The Centaur Expedition

Female Expedition Searches for Mythological Creature

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The Satyr Encounter

Female Researcher Encounters A Mythological Creature

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Picnic in the Forest

How a picnic changed my wife into a bitch and me into her cuckold

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Bigboy and His Bitches

A story of the awakening to my family's pleasures that I was totally unaware of and my acceptance of once I was.

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The Niece, The Wife and Their Needs

The day began as any other until he found his niece looking at porn! She didn't seem to know how sexy and desirable she really was. She would sit with her thighs spread and the softest skin alongside her mound would always be visible with her outer labia imprinted softly at the crotch of her shorts. My dick always seemed to be straining whenever she was around.

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Tera's Awakening; No Going Back

From the moment Dave agreed to help fulfill Tera's needs things spiraled downward for him and into heaven for her!

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Teasing MILF MOM gets seduced!

Kim was a normal milf soccer mom until her husband got promoted and neglected her growing sex urges.

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Kim's Sexual Freedom is Black

Hi, I'm Kim and this is the story of my how my life became a myriad of sexual awakenings that had me addicted to them forever.

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Dog Sitting Boner

This is a story of my introduction to sexing dogs, specifically Boner!

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Bigboy and His Bitches

So I'm lying on my bed with Joe one sunny Saturday afternoon relaxing with a joint after a nice fuck (me on top) when the phone rings. I screen the call, and when I hear it is my husband, who's in Birmingham on a business trip, I say to Joe, "Let's have us some fun with the idiot. Don't you dare make a sound."

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Dog Sitting Boner

I left the door open and took boner inside my apartment and gave him a good look over. God he was big, everything about him is huge, I thought. And my eyes fell to his dick sheath and it was even huge compared to normal dogs. His mouth was large enough to put my head into. He was kinda vertically striped with black and gray on a brownish background with some lighter gray thrown in, not a pretty dog but he definitely had personality. He was very tall, coming to my waist at his shoulders and his head was high enough to lick my face easily, which he was doing very energetically despite my protests.

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