Fiction Erotic Fantasy Stories

Fiction Erotic Fantasy Stories

Jamie and Liz have fun in the park!

In a clearing in the woods two women have a good time!

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My First Beast

So that was the situation when I quietly entered the apartment that morning, and silently pushed the door closed. A couple of soft steps, and I heard, “OOOOHHH!” “OH, OH, OH. Uhhhhnnn.” Well, you know the rest. It was coming from my bedroom, and it was clearly a female getting fucked. I was pretty sure that I was the only female who was supposed to be getting fucked in that bedroom, so I quietly approached the open bedroom door.

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My First Female

Purely fictional fantasy. It got me hot writing it. I hope it does the same for you reading it.

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A Friendly Bet

Jen loses a bet and then loses her anal virginity.

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Last Goodbye

He finally confesses his feelings for her, leading to a long night of filthy fun.

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The Dirtier, The Better

A school assignment turns into a kinky learning experience for two college students.

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The Married Woman

Damon meets a married woman with penchant for cheating and a very nasty side.

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Jackie's First Anal

Damon gives his roommate a lesson in anal sex.

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Sharing Kate

Three friends engage in a late night threesome.

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Country Girl

When I moved back to the country, I found lots to keep me busy

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Incest Gymnastics

I attended a Gymnastics meet for young girls and I got so turned on I had to write this story so I could cum and get it out of my system...yummy.

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A Mother and Daughter Affair

The hottest mom/daughter story I've ever written.

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Mom & Daughter Cum Together

mom and daughter teasing each other turning each other on,,,,how far will it go?

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Redeeming Mom

After enduring years of abuse by an alcoholic father, Jason redeems his mom by fighting back once and for all.Comments are very much encouraged as I take my writing seriously.

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Norma’s Secret Life

Norma was born on a farm to very loving parents. Being an only child she was always alone; she had no real chores or jobs to do on the farm except for gathering the eggs which were a money making commodity for the farm, she was annoyed when at the age of ten she was sent away to boarding school; she no longer had the freedom that she enjoyed on the farm. At least when she did have the holidays when she would come home. Her parents had given her a puppy when she was about six years old, for company; every time she came home the pup was always happy to see her. It was on one of these holidays at home that Norma first saw the sexual act between two animals.

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McKenzie Shares

Mckenzie Shares Austins room and finds brotherly love, and also finds a partner in crime in her brothers GF Sylvia!

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Always Darkest For Dawn

Story is long and while there is sex there is a lot more story.

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My Sister, The Bitch...

"Anytime you want to stop being my slave, all you have to do is say I AM FREE three times and you'll be free. But then I'll feel free to do what I want with your diary. As long as you're my slave, you and I are the only ones who will ever see your diary. As soon as you decide you want to be free, that can change," he told her. "So it is really up to you. Whatever happens is going to happen of your own free will, by your decision and agreement. So you need to make up your mind," he told her. Dani just stared at him, not six inches separating them, he dressed and she totally naked, brother and sister. "Yes, Master," was all she said.

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At this particular practice, Matt found himself watching Courtney. She was 16, about 5’6”, short blonde hair, a cute little face that had not quite developed a grown-up look, smallish breasts, but that didn’t matter to Matt as she had a great butt and amazing legs; Matt was a leg man!

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My Ex Nicole

Ex lovers get drunk and go home together

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Looking after Liz

I walked down the hall, knocked on her door and opened it to say hi. As I opened the door, I saw Liz standing in her room wearing only her bra and panties. I stood there shell-shocked. Liz was 15-years-old, about 5’8” with light brown hair and brown eyes. While she wasn’t the skinniest girl in the world, she was nowhere near heavy, either. She had a nice athletic build that I loved with just a little bit of baby fat that reminded you she was still maturing. And as she began turning into a young woman, she was beginning to develop the same large breasts as her mother.

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No Denying It

A sister gets grounded for the summer and realizes that her plans to explore her sexuality like she intended are stifled completely. Another opportunity presents itself and she cannot help herself.

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Thanks for Your Help

A father ends up celebrating his Birthday alone in a bar. A beautiful young blonde not much older than his daughter introduces herself and opens his mind to new possibilities.

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Lean Girls

I make my daughter promise not to engage in sex until she turns sixteen. She abides by my request but makes me agree to let her do whatever she wants after that. When her sixteenth comes up, I find out that making her wait drives her to places I didn't know existed.

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Doctor's Visit

This is a fantasy I have about my doctor. I notice how he looks at me when I'm naked with only a paper gown on. I've always fantasized about getting fucked by my doctor during an exam.

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The Family Whore

This is a story about a woman who becomes her family's whore.

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Caught Fucking an Old Man's Dog

Here's a story about a woman who's caught fucking her landlord's dog.

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Stephanie - Just When Things Turned Around

After a low point Stephanie thinks things have finally turned for the better...

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The Two Wives

A wife betrayed, the husband rapes his mistress,and suddenly he dies. The wife and the mistress met; the story is about the love they find in each others arms.

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Our Tattered Lives

His mother, still gorgeous at 35 was the centre of his dreams and the cause of his unwanted, endless nocturnal emissions.

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Oh God, What Have We Done?

A broken family, a rebel daughter, the sexual experimentation, her change of behaviour and the new bonding of the mother and daughter. A romantic saga.

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Of Our Hell and Heaven

The desert crossing of a mother and daughter to find each other after a life separated and living a world apart. They do as strangers via Internet and in the meantime found the love they so much desired.

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The Lawyer and the Female Police Officer

The story of two women with a hard and difficult past that fall in love with the other. Romance is slow and the sex arrives at the end with many erotic moments in between.

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The Granduncle Inheritance

Two siblings, brother and sister, long time separated, in the middle of their lives have the oportunity to bond again found love and enjoy their newfound love. Thanks to my editor the magnificent Pepere, if this story is readable is because of his hard work

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