Interracial Erotic Fantasy Stories

Interracial Erotic Fantasy Stories

Taking Advantage of Daddy

My step father was so hot...I had to have him!

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McKenzie Shares

Mckenzie Shares Austins room and finds brotherly love, and also finds a partner in crime in her brothers GF Sylvia!

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Airport Interogation

Husband and wife flee African uprising. But before they can escape the gorgeous Zoe has an intermate interrogaion by secret police sickos

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Picnic in the Forest

How a picnic changed my wife into a bitch and me into her cuckold

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Tera's Awakening; No Going Back

From the moment Dave agreed to help fulfill Tera's needs things spiraled downward for him and into heaven for her!

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Coach Jim loves the soccer Moms on the team he coaches. Cindy is a soccer Mom who cheats on her husband with her daughter's black soccer coach.

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Teasing MILF MOM gets seduced!

Kim was a normal milf soccer mom until her husband got promoted and neglected her growing sex urges.

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Kim's Sexual Freedom is Black

Hi, I'm Kim and this is the story of my how my life became a myriad of sexual awakenings that had me addicted to them forever.

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House On Fire

The only neighborly thing to do was to take the woman next door in when her house burned down. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

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