Lesbian Erotic Fantasy Stories

Lesbian Erotic Fantasy Stories

My First Female

Purely fictional fantasy. It got me hot writing it. I hope it does the same for you reading it.

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Lust Sisters

This one is dedicated to my older sister. Need I say more

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Incest Gymnastics

I attended a Gymnastics meet for young girls and I got so turned on I had to write this story so I could cum and get it out of my system...yummy.

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A Mother and Daughter Affair

The hottest mom/daughter story I've ever written.

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Lust Sisters

This one is dedicated to my older sister. Need I say more

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Black Swan Seduction

Since the Oscar nominations were announced yesterday I thought I would publish this hot fan fic of Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.

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Mom & Daughter Cum Together

mom and daughter teasing each other turning each other on,,,,how far will it go?

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Fucking our Sisters!!

Amanda was 17, and a junior at my high-school. She is 5’8, and has gorgeous blue eyes, natural blonde hair, C cup breasts and an amazingly tight ass which bounces as she flounces around the house. She has lot of guys fighting over her but she has been going out with Bruce for the past couple of years. She was not the only good-looking one in my family; as a matter of fact our whole family was good looking since we were from the Italian descent.

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My ‘obscene organ of brute pleasure’

Ever since I can remember I've had an unusually large clitoris.

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The Two Wives

A wife betrayed, the husband rapes his mistress,and suddenly he dies. The wife and the mistress met; the story is about the love they find in each others arms.

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Oh God, What Have We Done?

A broken family, a rebel daughter, the sexual experimentation, her change of behaviour and the new bonding of the mother and daughter. A romantic saga.

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Of Our Hell and Heaven

The desert crossing of a mother and daughter to find each other after a life separated and living a world apart. They do as strangers via Internet and in the meantime found the love they so much desired.

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The Lawyer and the Female Police Officer

The story of two women with a hard and difficult past that fall in love with the other. Romance is slow and the sex arrives at the end with many erotic moments in between.

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Is It Really You... Mother?

A young wife, mother of two with lesbian tendencies is throw out home by her husband. Years later she falls in love with a young girl, and after a time of torrid sex and loving she discovers her love is her estranged daughter. Drama with happy ending.

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A femdom TG story, not that innocent but still with redeeming features. Well, you tell me.

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