Rape Erotic Fantasy Stories

Rape Erotic Fantasy Stories

Alison and the Lust-Crazed Army of Sentient Poo Monsters

Alison Dawkins stared out of the car window at the passing beech hedge, trying to make out the identity of the birds on the lake beyond. It was hard to tell at this distance, particularly since she could only see them for a fraction of a second at a time. She had just about decided that they were mallards when a sharp instruction from her brother Michael jolted her from her reverie.

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Forced to Love

Intruder takes complete control of two girls and a guy.

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Lana Wants to Share

Lana decides to share her boyfriend with her best friend, but he turns the tables.

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Family's Captivity

Dad's debts land family in sexual captivity

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Alfie & Blatt's weekend away

Aliens that just don't give a shit abduct and rape highschool babe.

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Airport Interogation

Husband and wife flee African uprising. But before they can escape the gorgeous Zoe has an intermate interrogaion by secret police sickos

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Stephanie - Just When Things Turned Around

After a low point Stephanie thinks things have finally turned for the better...

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Breeding Shirley, The Trophy Wife

Trophy wife Shirley's sexual frustration attracts the attention of a primal male who picks up on her scent, forcefully mounting and breeding her rear.

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The Lawyer and the Female Police Officer

The story of two women with a hard and difficult past that fall in love with the other. Romance is slow and the sex arrives at the end with many erotic moments in between.

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Melissa's Initiation

Melissa Hendell glanced nervously from Susan to Ann and back again. Both were looking at her expectantly with small smiles on their faces, the kind that told her that she was at risk for being cruelly derided if she did not give them the correct answer. She was not simply nervous, she was terrified. "I think so," she said tentatively. "I-I mean, if this is the only way ..."

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Nova's Prime

As I went to pull my bag away he took my wrist and waist then slammed me down on on his bed. My heart was racing as I looked up into his toxic green eyes. "Get off of me!" I shook and as I looked to the door he looked as well. His eyes glowed, then the door shut and locked. I began to tremble in his arms as the gravity seemed to intensify. His hand left my wrist and came to hold my jaw. "Shh..." He warned darkly.

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Her Past Comes Back to Haunt Her

Professional woman faces consequences from actions in her youth

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A Dog Day in Thiefville

A woman gets caught breaking intoa rich man's house. As typically happens, she gets blackmailed into being his sex slave.

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