Young Erotic Fantasy Stories

Young Erotic Fantasy Stories

My First Female

Purely fictional fantasy. It got me hot writing it. I hope it does the same for you reading it.

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Lust Sisters

This one is dedicated to my older sister. Need I say more

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Incest Gymnastics

I attended a Gymnastics meet for young girls and I got so turned on I had to write this story so I could cum and get it out of my system...yummy.

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A Mother and Daughter Affair

The hottest mom/daughter story I've ever written.

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Beautiful Niece Kaylee

How I fell for my teenage niece.

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My Uncle Benny

Hello everyone. My name is Kaylee. Some of you may already know who I am. If not, here is a brief introduction. I am 18 years old, I graduate high school this year, and I am in love. For the last few years, I have been with the most amazing man I have ever met. We have to keep it a secret, because people seem to hate us when they find out. You see, he is 25 years older than me. Oh, and he just so happens to be my uncle.

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Breaking In Girlfriend's Sister

During the early part of high school, I began dating a girl named Jillian. She was an average height brunette, with green eyes and a slender yet shapely build (between large B's and smaller C's). It was a pretty good catch, and I did my best to not take things for granted, even at our young age. I treated her well and we got along great.

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Lust Sisters

This one is dedicated to my older sister. Need I say more

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Mom & Daughter Cum Together

mom and daughter teasing each other turning each other on,,,,how far will it go?

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McKenzie Shares

Mckenzie Shares Austins room and finds brotherly love, and also finds a partner in crime in her brothers GF Sylvia!

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Looking after Liz

I walked down the hall, knocked on her door and opened it to say hi. As I opened the door, I saw Liz standing in her room wearing only her bra and panties. I stood there shell-shocked. Liz was 15-years-old, about 5’8” with light brown hair and brown eyes. While she wasn’t the skinniest girl in the world, she was nowhere near heavy, either. She had a nice athletic build that I loved with just a little bit of baby fat that reminded you she was still maturing. And as she began turning into a young woman, she was beginning to develop the same large breasts as her mother.

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A Family Secret or a Family Full of Secrets

Changed to protect the guilty

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The Niece, The Wife and Their Needs

The day began as any other until he found his niece looking at porn! She didn't seem to know how sexy and desirable she really was. She would sit with her thighs spread and the softest skin alongside her mound would always be visible with her outer labia imprinted softly at the crotch of her shorts. My dick always seemed to be straining whenever she was around.

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McKenzie Shares

Mckenzie Shares Austins room and finds brotherly love. Mac as she was called by friends and family had no sexual experience other than kissing boys and the occasional feel of her tits which she only allowed for a few seconds before restraining the offending boy. She had never met a guy that she really wanted to go farther with, but she looked forward to her first hard dick entering her when she did.

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German Shepherd

Maybe because of the dog that fucked me yesterday, or maybe because I didn't want to see the dog right now... I was afraid. I took the LONG WAY around the auto repair shop, but could not help myself from looking for the dog.

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My Bra and Panties are Missing!

My three very close girlfriends all gathered in my bedroom. OK….I like to have sex with girls too, and Trav does not know this. Sam was aware of the sounds we made and listened at my darkened doorway in the hall.

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