True Stories

True Stories

Mom's surprise at basic training

Mom visits me at basic training and surprises me with something I will never forget

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How I met Samantha

I was introduced to Samantha by my good friend Terri. Terri had helped me through some tough times, so to speak, and was always friendly and wanting to help.

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A Christmas Present

The author is telling the store (or part of the story) about her first lesbian experience with a friend. It's pretty much about "shaving" any actual sexual contact is left up to the reader's imagination.

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My First Time With A Guy

One teenage boy talks another teenage boy into having sex with him.

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Maudlin Stepmother

A seventeen year old is shares illicit pleasures with his stepmother behind his father's back.

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Vera's Children

How a girl grew up, in an inhibited family with a remote Father and an repressed mother.

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Good Neighbor

Watching the girl next door goes rapidly to the next level when Linda asks a favor of the voyeur who has been watching her. I would watch her swim, her lithe, athletic body, clad in the tiniest suits imaginable, wet and gleaming in the sun. Or watch her, with her skin oiled and glistening, as she tanned herself. She often took her bikini top off to tan her back or rolled over to tan those round, beautiful young breasts when she thought no one was looking. And, more than once, she had discretely removed her tiny swimsuit bottom, and laid out naked, her legs apart, to get an all over tan.

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Carree Loves Billy: Carree Sets the Date

The Carree Loves Billy story continues with her erotic tales of love and unbridled lust. The author tries to tell the reader her erotic story around her real life experience.

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Screwing the Pooch

But I wanted more than just vegetables or inanimate objects in my pussy. I wanted a real cock, something hot, hard and throbbing filling me up. I was quite familiar with Barney’s dog cock, so he was the natural choice since I knew there was no chance of getting pregnant if he fucked me. My only concern was the knot at the base of his dick. I’d jacked him or sucked him off many times (it was only fair since he made me cum) and that knot was pretty big.

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Wife's Unexpected Encounter in the Garden

I have never seen four women that had such a deep caring sharing relationship with each other! Not once did I ever witness an argument. Plus they all had this synergistic effect on each other, they were a crazy wild bunch of very seriously sexy and very beautiful, very well endowed and fit women. I and the others wondered were they all got this high energy level from. We all have known one woman or two that seemed to have unlimited boundless energy but here were four roommates that all had it! 

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Barbara's Awakening

This is a story about an ex-girlfriend, her brother and me.

Read Barbara's Awakening 28

Wife's Meeting With Jay

A trip home with a man we met dogging.

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Wife's Evening With Stu and Me

A trip to the home of someone we met dogging. Follows on from "Wife's First Dogging Experience" but each can be read on their own.

Read Wife's Evening With Stu and Me 38

Shock Therapy

A brief story about 'electronic sex' that two gay guys experiment with.

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One night, two friends who were close cross the line exposing themselves sexually without touching. This is a true story.

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Cream Filling

A husband becomes obsessed with the idea of pumping a huge amount of his cum up his wife's cunt, so he starts jacking off into a jar, building up a supply.

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Luck Fades

I guess I had never been the lucky type. My luck with women was next to null. I can't complain about my sex life though. I always met great looking women, which sometimes lead to overnight passion or even weeklong passion filled days in bed.

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