My First Female

My First Female

Purely fictional fantasy. It got me hot writing it. I hope it does the same for you reading it.

18+ only - NSFW (not safe for work)


This document contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE GO BACK IMMEDIATELY!!!!

This story was written as an adult fantasy. The website publisher DOESN'T condone the described behaviour in real life.


At 25, I had never had a conscious sexual attraction for another woman. For me, sex and men were one and the same. I had met my husband, Tom during my sophomore year in college, and ours had been a satisfying sexual life. We had sex every night we were together for the first year of our relationship, and had gradually tapered down to four to five nights per week now. Sex was still the usual end to the evening, although life’s pressures frequently left one of us out of the mood. It was more often he that wasn’t in the mood than I. I loved the feeling of his ample cock filling my cavity, and although I was more than normally sexually active from age 14 until we met when I was 19, I had wanted no one else since we started to date.

Tom was a great lover, and each lovemaking session seemed to differ from the others enough that sex kept its intrigue. Sometimes we began with me reaching for his cock as we watched a movie, and stroking it until it became hard, then kneeling between his legs and teasing the plump head with my lips as my tongue licked the precum from his hole. Occasionally, I would suck on his cock until he exploded into my mouth, and continue, swallowing everything; but usually, we saved the cumshot for deep within my belly. I wanted the feeling of his cock pounding against my pleasure passage as I felt the hot semen splash against the walls of my convulsing pussy. Also, after he shot his first load, his interest tended to wane, and although he was always ready to please me however I wished, I could tell when his enthusiasm subsided a bit, and that took some of the edge off of it for me. He could always cum at least twice, so if I blew him to orgasm, I generally saved that for the second coming. I liked tasting my juices on his cock, too, and that usually got me hot enough to see if I could coax a third erection and orgasm out of him. Except on rare occasions, I could, and that fucking was always long and satisfying. As I mentioned, I had never cheated on Tom, and I am certain he had never cheated on me during the six years we had been together. But this part of the narrative is not about my relationship with my husband. More about him in a later chapter.

I am a nurse, and my older sister lives about 1900 miles from me in Phoenix. She was in a bad automobile accident, and needed someone to care for her, so I readily volunteered. I had a great deal of vacation time accumulated, and offered to go stay with her for about a month while she recuperated. Although Carolyn is twelve years older than I, we have always been very close, since she lived with my mother until she was almost 30. However, I hadn’t seen her in several years, and was eager to spend some time with her. She was a wild child, and taught me many things our mother wouldn’t have approved of if she had known. I was grateful. Carolyn had a daughter, now 16, that I hadn’t seen since she was little. Carolyn was trying now to make up for her rather unconventional mothering during Katie’s early years, and Katie was a handful now. Although she was smart as a whip, and made grades at the top of her class, she seemed uncontrollable, and really did what she wanted. That was my understanding when I arrived.

Katie picked me up at the airport, and I could tell right away why Carolyn was so concerned about her. She was about 5'9" tall, athletically thin, with perfectly formed 34C breasts and slim hips that resolved into a firm protruding butt. Her bright blond hair framed a face as pretty as anyone could wish for. In short, she would be the “catch” of her school, and all of the boys would be wanting to bed her. As we drove the ½ hour back to Carolyn’s, I discovered that Katie was as charming as she was beautiful. Okay, she would need to be careful, but Katie seemed to have things under control. Her lack of discipline, it seemed, stemmed more from Carolyn’s unreasonable demands, than from any desire of Katie’s to be obstinate. “I go to school every day. I do my homework. I make the best grades. Mom wants me to be under her thumb all the time, and I refuse to do that.” She told me. “Mom had me when she was still sowing her wild oats, and there were way too many oats. She thinks I’m going to do the same. I’m not, but if I do, I’ll make my own mistakes, not hers.” I saw her point. However, I felt the need to caution her about some of the things a young girl needs to be concerned. I tried not to lecture her, and I said, “well, Mom has a right to be concerned, you know. Many girls get pregnant during their developing years, and that completely changes their lives.” I avoided saying “ruins their lives.”

“Concern is one thing; abuse is another. She’s simply not going to keep me from going out and having some fun just because she got knocked up and it spoiled hers.” I could hear a note of anger entering her voice. I didn’t mention that getting knocked up didn’t really spoil Carolyn’s fun. It just put a lot of pressure on everyone else in the family. Carolyn had done pretty much what she wanted, and the rest of the family had to take care of her business. “I guarantee I won’t get knocked up,” Katie continued. “You need to put a cock inside you for that, and I have no desire to do that.” Well, that came as a surprise, since Katie was dressed to draw attention. She had short, tight shorts, which exhibited her luscious ass to its fullest, heels which accentuated her long, shapely legs, and a loose, satiny blouse with spaghetti straps, which did nothing to hide the fact that she was wearing no bra. Those beautiful breasts made pointed tents straight out in front of her.

“Well,” I said, “you’re certainly going to attract plenty of offers dressed like that.” Katie said nothing for a couple of minutes, and then said, “I would like to talk frankly with you Aunt Jen, but I don’t know if I can trust you not to tell Mom.” Well, I didn’t know either. I certainly had an obligation to tell my sister if her daughter was into something dangerous, but here was a sixteen year-old girl, who obviously needed someone to talk to. After a minute, I chose the sixteen year-old. “Sweetie, I promise that whatever you tell me now is between you and me. I reserve the right to call an end to this confidentiality for future conversations, though.”

“Okay, first no more of the ‘sweetie,’ please. We are both women. You’re not that much older than I am, and I find it condescending,” she commanded. “Done, Katie. I apologize” I responded. “Accepted,” she said. “Here’s the thing. I want to have sex, but men don’t interest me. I don’t know if that’s forever, but right now, the thought of some big, hairy, muscled, man putting his big sweaty cock inside my little passage, just doesn’t turn me on. Do you understand what I mean?” No, I didn’t. I had never thought of anything other than that – well, the hairy part wasn’t that exciting. I was so wrapped up in what I thought the problem was, that I really didn’t get it. “Well, I’m not sure, Swe..., Katie, I said. Maybe you could explain it a little better.”

Katie looked at me like I was an idiot. Clearly frustrated, she blurted out, “I’d like to lick your pussy. I’d like for you to lick mine. I prefer pussies and tits to cocks and balls by a mile. Does that clear things up?” Yep. It sure did. I could read right between those lines. Unfortunately, no words of wisdom came immediately to mind. I just sat there, dumfounded. Finally, Katie spoke and said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you. I didn’t mean to throw that at you like that, but it’s an embarrassing subject, and I just got frustrated. I can’t talk to anyone else about it. All of the other girls make fun of lesbians, and I sure can’t talk to Mom about it. I thought that being a nurse, and having a lot of education you would understand. I see it makes you uncomfortable, and I won’t say anything more about it. Just, PLEASE don’t tell Mom.”

For some reason, tears started running down my cheeks, and I was unable to talk for a few seconds. I felt so sorry for Katie, and so sorry that instead of making things better, I’d made them worse. But the thing that was most emotional about the scene was the feeling I got in my panties when I thought of the picture she had fried into my brain. God help me, I was hot. I was hot for her lithesome, smooth, supple, glorious body. I tried to speak, but couldn’t. I grabbed a tissue out of my purse to blot away the tears, and after a minute, said, “I’m the one who’s sorry, Katie. The idea just hadn’t occurred to me, and being educated doesn’t stop one from being stupid sometimes. I want to talk about this. I can see how it’s bothering you. I want to help. I will help. Please forgive me for the way I handled it.”

Now, Katie’s eyes teared up, and she actually had to pull into a convenience store parking lot, where she just let the tears flow. Mine started again, and I undid my seatbelt and leaned over to put her head on my shoulder. I just held her there with both of us sobbing for awhile. Finally, she sat up and said, “got any more tissues?” I brought a small package out of my purse and just tore it open and handed her a wad while I used the rest. She finally put the car back into gear and started driving again. I didn’t know where to go from here. I really wanted her, and apparently she wanted me. But she was sixteen, and my niece, and I couldn’t betray my sister. I should calmly try to steer her away from that lifestyle.

So I was going to talk her into wanting that big, sweaty cock? It didn’t seem likely. Besides, what about what I wanted? I shouldn’t be thinking about that, should I? She was sixteen. I mean, pretty grown up for sixteen, but still. The picture of her sucking on my pussy while I sucked on hers flashed into my mind one time too many, and I said, “You know, when you said that about what you would like with out pussies, my panties got a little wet.”

Katie’s head snapped around to look at me, and as it did, I puled my skirt up so that she could see my panties. “Watch the road, Sweetie,” I said, and she burst out laughing, with me right behind. After the laughter died down, she said, “You’re kind of a funny bitch, aren’t you?” I laughed and said, “I guess I have my moments.” We were going to be fast friends. As we drove, I reached up and pulled my panties off, stuffing them into my purse. I pulled my skirt up higher so that she could see my entire pelvic region, but quickly decided that a sixteen year-old driver didn’t need that kind of distraction and pulled it back down below my pussy. I did feel the cool air blowing between my legs, but that only made me hotter. I had made my decision, and I was going for broke.

We got to Carolyn’s house, and I was crazy horny. Tom had fucked me long and hard before he took me to the airport, but my hormones were raging. It was like this was a different hunger than the one for him, and it was raging full-on. We went first to Carolyn’s bedroom and she and I hugged each other, and I asked how she was. She was in a hospital type adjustable bed, and could only get out with assistance. She took her meals there and only got up to use the bathroom. She was still in a lot of pain, and needed me to help her when she got up, and to monitor her medicine. She also needed me in case an emergency should develop. She was in quite a bit of pain right then, and asked that we catch up on our visiting later; she just wanted to take a pain pill and go to sleep. “I can fix you something to eat, if you want,” I told her. “Just the pain pills, and a few hours of sleep, please,” she answered. I got her the pills and some water. She thanked me and told me she’d see me a little later, then closed her eyes. “Please leave the television on. It keeps me company,” she said, and Katie and I left the room.

As soon as we left the room, my knees got weak, and my heart started beating a mile a minute anticipating what was to follow. I was scared; I was embarrassed; I didn’t know what to do; and most of all, I was wicked horny. Katie took my hand and led me across the house to her bedroom. I could see her computer with a picture of her mother in bed on the screen lying in her bed. “It’s a camera in her room, so I can tell if she needs me,” she told me. “There’s one in your room too... in case you ever need to go in there,” she explained with a smile.

Somehow, Katie was extremely comfortable with our coming exploits, while my mind was about to explode. Katie led me over to the bed, but still standing, she placed her lips lightly on mine and pushed her tongue softly between my lips. My knees were shaking as she pulled my blouse out from my skirt, and ran her soft hands up my back, pushing my breast to hers. She reached my bra, and deftly released it, pushing harder against me. Now, her hands dropped to my skirt which she unbuttoned and unzipped quickly dropping it to the floor. Her hands pressed on my bare butt, and she ground her pubic mound into mine. I could no longer stand, and I sat back on the bed, while she pulled her blouse over her head revealing the most perfect breasts you can imagine – at least that I could imagine. Firm with no sag, round and pointed with small, hard nipples pointed straight at me. I had a hard time getting my breath.

Katie dropped her shorts, and she was naked before me, but I had no time to admire her further, because she laid her body on top of mine, spreading my legs, and placing her pussy exactly on mine. I have a large clit which, when aroused extends well beyond its hood. I could immediately tell that she had inherited the same gene, as she moved hers back and forth on mine. I was already close to coming, as she pulled my blouse and bra over my head leaving us both naked. She moved her clit around mine in small circles, as I pressed my breasts into her hard nipples, and let out a restrained, but audible cry. I humped against her over and over as my vagina convulsed and jerked. My hands clenched her tight ass and I sobbed with delight. In the middle of my release, I could feel her ass clench tight, as she drove her sex into my humps, and she cried, “OHHHH, SHIT. FUCK ME. FUCK ME. FUCK ME.” I did. We rubbed our clits and pressed them against each other for minutes, as her sweaty tits slid back and forth across mine.

After I don’t know how long, she collapsed on me, and we hugged each other tightly for several more minutes. Finally, she lifted herself off of me, and I could see that she was also crying, but her face was beautiful with contentment. “Oh, Aunt Jen. I can’t tell you how good that was. I can’t tell you how much that meant. I have dreamed about that for so long.”

“First of all, I think we can dispense with the ‘aunt’ part,” I said. “We’re way beyond that, I think,”. “Okay, Sweetie,” she said, and we both broke into rolls of laughter, provoked more from the release of tension we had experienced than from the humor of the remark. It was funny, though.

When I was able, to talk, thinking of the calm, controlled way she had approached our sexing, I said, “you must have done that many times before; you knew exactly what you were doing.”

“Only in my dreams, Sweetie, but many, many times in my dreams,” she said. From then on, “Sweetie” would be our pet name for each other. We both got fully up onto the bed, and curled up in each other’s arms. I noticed, for the first time, the sounds of the TV in Carolyn’s room coming from the computer. I looked once, and saw that Carolyn was sleeping peacefully.

I was tired, but I wasn’t sleepy. Katie’s soft but tight body felt so good to me, that I just lay there for some time relishing it. Katie had fallen to sleep immediately. I thought about Tom. I would have to tell him. We had no secrets, and I couldn’t start now. That would ruin us. He would know something was wrong. I had already planned to fly home every weekend, and I would tell him when I first got home in one week. The thought sent chills through me. I thought we would make it through this, but I didn’t know. He would be surprised, for sure. We told each other our fantasies, and that usually made our sex steamier, but I had never told him about a fantasy with another female – certainly not a 16 year-old female. He had even fantasized about a threesome, and my response was, “great – but where do we find another man.” That had been a fantasy I hadn’t even been willing to consider, and now, I had done a female without him. Not only that, but I was going to do it again, and I wasn’t going to stop doing it if I could find a way. I wanted to do it again right now. Katie was still asleep.

I realized I was very hungry. I grabbed an Egg McMuffin on the way to the airport about 8 o’clock, but I hadn’t eaten since then. I had been somewhat hungry when Katie picked me up, but I soon forgot about that. It was only 1:30 in Phoenix, but it was 4:30 at home. I quietly slipped out of bed, and put my clothes on. I took a long look at the young woman lying sleeping on the bed, and tears came to my eyes again. She was so beautiful, and so conflicted. I loved her already.

I looked at the computer again to make sure Carolyn was okay, and went to the kitchen. I could hear her TV from there, and would be able to hear her if she called. I found some fixings and made a large salad. As I was finishing it, Katie came in, looking like a goddess to me. She was rubbing her eyes and said, “I woke up and you weren’t there. I was disappointed.” “Sorry,” I replied, “it’s not just about you, Sweetie.” She laughed, found some food in the refrigerator and joined me. Before we could start a conversation, I heard Carolyn call my name and went to see what I could do for her. She was hungry, so I went back in and fixed her a sandwich. She wanted a glass of wine with it, but I told her she couldn’t have it with the pain medication. She started to argue, but I gave her my best nurse scowl, and she understood she wasn’t getting any wine.

I sat with Carolyn while she ate. I had to turn the TV down to have a conversation, and still, she looked at the TV more than at me. It really saddened me to see her. Although she had been plenty of trouble for my mother – and me too as I got older -- she was always full of life. She was always doing something. That was the problem. She was rarely doing something that my mother approved of. Now, she would rather watch some mindless TV show than talk with her sister whom she hadn’t seen in years. She was drugged up, of course, but I felt that she was in a bad depression beyond the drugs. I sat with her until she had finished eating, and then she said, “I’m kinda tired, Jen. Give me another pain pill, and I’ll call you if I need you.” I ignored the pain pill request, since it wasn’t time, and with that, I took her plate and she turned up the volume as I walked back to the kitchen.

Katie was still sitting at the kitchen table, although she had finished eating. “Your Mom seems depressed,” I said. “Was she like this before the accident?” “Yeah,” Katie responded. “She would go from wildly demanding to almost unresponsive. I can’t remember when I saw her happy. Mostly, she just complained about how short I was of her expectations. I tried for a long time to make her happy, and then one day, I just decided I was good enough, and if she didn’t like it, fuck her. It’s been pretty much an armed camp since then. I just tried to stay out of her way. Of course, since the accident, that’s been easy, and she has seemed to recognize that she needed me, and has not ridden me much since then.” I didn’t know what to say. It just made me very sad.

“I’m going to go unpack,” I said. “I’ll help,” said Katie enthusiastically. I could tell that I wasn’t going to be sad around Katie very long. We had left the bags in the living room, and Katie grabbed one and started for her bedroom. “I think we better unpack in other bedroom,” I told her. “Oh, okay, if you insist,” she said and went to the guest bedroom. It had been an office, and had a small desk with a computer, but they had a bed and dresser brought in, and there was enough room, although it was crowded. I could see Carolyn on the computer screen, watching TV. Katie began to unpack one suitcase while I unpacked the other. She pulled a small leatherette bag from her suitcase, and asked what was in it. “Nothing important,” I answered, but she felt it without opening it, and said, “it certainly feels like a vibrator, and a big one at that.” I could feel my face flush, as I tried to think of something else it could be. I couldn’t think of anything, and just stood there dumbly. She said, “well, I don’t know what to do with it,” and placed it on top of the dresser without further comment, but her smile said she did know what to do with it.

When we had finished unpacking, she went to my purse and removed my panties, which were still damp, and placed them up to her nose, taking a big sniff. “KATIE,” I gasped, and reached for them, but she just kept them to her nose and turned away from me. The she looked at me, and said, “I’ll give them back if you want, but I would like to keep them.” I wasn’t as shocked as I acted: Tom loved to smell my panties after I had sexed them up, and it turned me on to see him do it. “Of course you can keep them, Sweetie,” I said. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the panties she had been wearing coming back from the airport, and held them out to me. I took them up to my nose and smelled that wonderful sex smell of this goddess. Without removing them, I reached out and pulled her to me, placing our faces together so that we could each smell the aroma of both pairs. The smells sent me reeling, and I pressed my lips against hers as I grasped her breast with my other hand, and began to massage it slowly.

Katie’s hand slid to my skirt button and quickly my skirt was at my feet as she placed her hand on my mound. I moaned and dropped the panties, kissing her soft lips and finding her tongue with mine. Her shorts were down and she pulled her lips away long enough to pull her blouse over head while I got my blouse and bra off. We pressed our naked bodies together as we resumed the passionate kissing. Katie pulled the kiss away, and her mouth began to slide down onto my neck, sending chills throughout my body. I sank back onto the bed, but she followed, never releasing her lips from my neck. I was now lying on my back, and Katie was kneeling over me, as her mouth continued its journey down my trembling body. Now, she had a nipple in her mouth, and was sucking and running her tongue around the areola. I reached for her naked mound, and a finger found the slippery entry to her pleasure tunnel. She moved her legs closer to me and pressed her clit hard against my palm, her tongue and lips now sliding lower to my navel.

She pressed a finger to my pussy opening, and it slid easily in. I was reeling, and I needed to suck that beautiful young pussy. I pulled the leg closest to me up, and she immediately placed it over my head, and lowered her lovely soft, smooth love mound onto my lips. I felt her shudder as they came in contact, and my tongue soon found her hard, protruding clit. I felt her lips returning the favor to my equally stiff member, and my lips surrounded hers as I began to suck, and lick that wonderful clit as my finger fucked her little virgin pussy. She was sucking me, and I was sucking her. She had three fingers in me, and was fucking me with them as fast as she could. I exploded. My pussy clamped on her fingers, as if it wanted to suck them right in. In fact it did. It convulsed again and again on her fingers and I pushed my hips up to try to get my clit farther into those beautiful, soft lips. Katie’s pussy likewise began convulsing on my finger, and she tried to push it farther in. Her pussy pushing on my lips actually hurt, but I didn’t care: I continued to suck, and pulled her to me as hard as I could. Our orgasms seemed like they lasted for hours, and when they were over, I continued to hold her clit in my mouth for a long time. She kept mine, too.

I love men. I love cocks. I have had more than my share of them. I love having my pussy sucked by men, but no man has ever sucked me like Katie. Nothing close. She knew exactly what to do and when to do it. This wasn’t really better than sex with a man. It was different. Which is better, steak or lobster. I don’t know. I love them both. I love Tom, and I love Katie. I’m only going to be here a month. What happens then? “Jen?” I heard from the computer. I went to see what Carolyn wanted.

Okay, I know that I was rationalizing. I know it’s illegal to have sex with a 16 year-old girl, boy, or gorilla. Was it immoral? This young girl was hurting, and I felt I could help. I’m not in favor of 25 year-old persons seducing kids. She seduced me. I don’t think I’m rationalizing that. Does that make any difference? I don’t know. I certainly had misgivings about it, and it was certainly my desires and not hers that tipped the scales. Anyway, I did it. I continued to do it. At the time I thought it was the right thing to do, and I still do. Back to the story.

Katie and I had sex again that first Saturday. Sunday morning I got Carolyn her breakfast, and her morning pain pill, and she drifted off to sleep watching TV, as before. When we went back to Katie’s room after breakfast, and took off our clothes, we began feeling each other. She said, “do you like to use the vibrator?”

“Yes,” I replied, “do you?”

“I’ve never used one,” she told me.

“Would you like to try?” I asked.

“I’m not sure. I would like to see you use it – maybe use it on you,” she replied.

I went to my bedroom and retrieved the case which had two vibrators: a small one and a larger one. I opened the case and brought them out, showing them to Katie. “What do you like?” I asked.

She looked at both of them and took the larger one. “Let me see you use this one,” she said. I took it out and lay back on the bed spread-eagled so that she could easily see. I started with the vibrator on my breast, and moved it slowly around until the nipple was rock hard, then I moved to the other one. Katie moved her hand to the first breast and played with it. Since this was the first sex of the day, and I couldn’t get enough of Katie, I got really horny, really fast. Soon, I slid the vibrator down the middle of my stomach until it was right above my clit, and then moved it all around the outside of my pussy, feeling it vibrate the lips and my clit. Katie was engrossed, and now had both of my breasts occupied. I took my free hand and placed it in her lap, which caused her legs to part immediately. I placed my hand on her pussy and one finger slipped into her vagina up to the middle knuckle. I moved my palm lightly over her clit. She was breathing harder and I could see the sweat glistening on her skin, as her pussy became wetter and wetter.

I was beginning to get beyond seeing and feeling her, though. I moved the vibrator into my opening just an inch or so, and I could feel the vibrations throughout my mound. Suddenly, Katie reached down and grasped the vibrator and eased it slowly inside me. She threw her leg over me, and slapped her dripping pussy right on my mouth, as she leaned down and moved the vibrator slowly in and out of me. She clamped her lips on my clit, and sucked in rhythm to the pace of the vibrator. It was over soon for me. I sucked on that clit as wave after wave of warm pleasure rolled through me. Katie increased her rhythm to a furious pace until I relaxed completely and reached down to hold her hand still. “Did I do it okay?” She asked, moving off of me.

“You were wonderful,” I said.

I could tell she hadn’t come, and I asked if she wanted me to do it to her. “Don’t put it in me, please?” she asked. I promised I wouldn’t. She was lying on her back with her feet a few inches apart, but the tops of her thighs touching. I got the smaller vibrator, and began with it on her breasts. Her “mmmmm,” indicated she liked it. I spent some time, making sure she was completely relaxed, and then moved slowly down her stomach to her hips, and then down the front of her thighs. I moved it to the inside of her thighs, and then began to move it up until I felt her stiffen slightly. “It’s not going in, baby,” I assured her. She relaxed.

I drug it slowly up the insides of her thighs, until it just touched her pubic hairs, and her legs slowly parted leaving the vibrator on her mound, an inch from her clit. At that, she pushed her hips up to meet it, and I slid it down to barely part her lips. It slid easily in her passion juice, and I began to slide it up and down in her folds. She trusted me completely, now, and began to mover her hips up and down, to meet my thrusts. With the vibrator now fully slippery, I slid it up to touch her clit, and she reached down to grab my hand and hold it there for a few seconds before she relaxed her grip and I slid it back down into her folds. Back up slowly to her clit it came, and this time, her hand reached for my sex. I moved my hips, and she grasped my mons, inserting two fingers as she did.

My earlier orgasm had left me temporarily satisfied, and able to concentrate on her, but feeling her rising passion, and her hand on my pussy, had me getting hot again, and I pushed my hips back into her hand. I didn’t forget what I was about, though, and I began moving the vibrator up and down, onto her clit, into the outer part of her pussy, but being careful not to enter into that soft passage that my fingers had earlier been able to explore without objection. Katie was used to masturbation, but not to hundreds of cycles per second, and in only a few seconds, she grabbed my hand with her free hand and held the vibrator tightly against her clit, moving it side to side as she let a squeal that caused me to look to the monitor to see if Carolyn heard it. Carolyn was asleep, with the TV keeping her company.

Katie still had her hand on my mound, with her fingers in me, but all activity had ceased. I didn’t care. It felt so good, and I felt so contented that I was happy to just lie there. I switched the vibrator off, and put my hand back on her mound, and she put her hand on my hand, holding it tightly against her. Probably a half hour went by before I felt Katie’s fingers slide easily up my pleasure ramp to lightly squeeze my clit. I tentatively slid two fingers into her, one at a time and returned the favor. We proceeded slowly, and after many minutes each of us was licking and sucking and fingering the other so that we finally came within seconds of each other and fell back tired and satisfied.

Two giant orgasms into a Sunday morning had us tired, and we lay there holding each other for sometime, after which I told her she could stay there, that I was going to look in on Carolyn. I went to Carolyn’s room, and heard Katie walking to the kitchen. Obviously, Carolyn was fine, and I went to the kitchen to find Katie doing the morning dishes. When I was growing up, Carolyn wouldn’t have done the dishes without a gun to her head, and although I was better, I would never have done them without Mom asking. Katie had slipped a nightgown on, and I just sat at the table admiring her beautiful, slim round ass. A feeling of dread gripped me.

I was so happy having sex with Katie. I knew when the novelty of it wore off, some of the excitement would wane, but I knew for sure, it wasn’t going away. I was leaving in a month, and I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her. I also couldn’t bear the thought of turning her back to Carolyn’s unreasonably demanding authority. Katie had decided she wasn’t going to put up with it, and I didn’t see anything good coming from it. Oh yeah, and five more days and I’d be telling Tom about this thing and trying to get my marriage through it.

And, what if we got caught? Would Katie come see me in prison? Would Tom? Mom? Carolyn certainly wouldn’t. I would be done with nursing for sure, and I loved it. Obviously, I didn’t expect to get caught, but the fear still buried itself in the back of my mind. I was going to tell Tom, and I couldn’t imagine he would turn me in, but I also really couldn’t imagine what he was going to do. What was done was done, and there was no use ruminating over it, I told myself, but I couldn’t get it completely out of my head.

Over the next five days, I pushed these thoughts back far enough to have one of the most wonderful weeks of my life. It wasn’t just the sex, although there was certainly a strong undercurrent of that. Katie was smart, and witty, and loving, and charming far beyond her years. She and I clicked. Whatever her failings, Carolyn had done something right.

Friday afternoon at 4:00, Katie drove me to the airport to catch my 5:42 flight. I got checked in, and we squeezed hands and talked until it was time for me to board. I felt so silly as we both had tears in our eyes. We were going to be apart for all of two days, and I missed her as soon as I lost sight of her. We took off right on time, and landed just after 11:30. As soon as I saw Tom, my spirits improved. Even though I dreaded telling him, seeing him caused me to hunger again to have his cock filling me. I had rehearsed the conversation, and had decided that the only right thing to do was to tell him as soon as we got home. Now that I saw him, I was very tempted to wait until after our first fucking to fill him in. I ran to his arms as soon as I could get to him, and fell against him, pressing my body against his and lifting my lips up to meet his. My breasts felt so good against his chest, and my pussy tingled thinking about his cock which I could feel hardening under his pants.

On the ride home, I told him about Carolyn’s condition and described Katie to him, in as glowing terms as I could muster. I wanted to prepare him as well as I could. When he got a word in, her said, “Jen, are you okay?” I knew I couldn’t hide anything from him.

“I’m fine,” I said. “I do have something I need to talk to you about, though.”

“Well...” he answered.

“Well, let’s get home and then we can talk,” I said. Tom didn’t say anything, and I could tell he was suddenly very concerned.

We got to the house, and Tom said, “well, what do we need to talk about?”

“Let’s get ready for bed, and then we can talk,” I told him. He gave me a quizzical look, but took my bag to the bedroom, and stripped down to his underwear. I went into the bathroom and put on the nightie I had purchased when I had Katie take me to Victoria’s Secret in Phoenix and came out and sat on the bed. I could tell that seeing the nightie made him feel some better. I wanted to try to turn him on telling about Katie, and so I described our actions just about like I have written them in this narrative, but I was very nervous. At the start, Tom’s underwear showed only the bulge of the flaccid penis, but I wasn’t far into the story before I saw him begin to grow, and by the time Katie’s and my clothes were off, he reached into the shorts and rearranged himself so that he was beginning to peek out the top of the waistband.

I described every detail and feeling, and when I got to my first orgasm, Tom pulled me off the bed and removed my top, then yanked my bottoms down and sat me back on the side of the bed and buried his face in my pussy. His tongue found first my hole, then slurped up to my clit. I wrapped my legs around his head, and pulled my hips up to meet his tongue. As he sucked on my clit, I felt him reach down to remove his shorts. Then he stood up with my legs still locked around his head and laid me lengthwise on the bed. A few more licks and he pulled my legs off, and quickly brought his torso up to meet mine.

His cock, dripping with precum, was poised at the entrance, and he shoved into my waiting hole, until I could feel his pulsing head pressed hard against my cervix. God, I hadn’t realized how much I had missed this. I guess because of the tension I had been under, I came almost immediately, rocked with the orgasm I could only reach when filled with his cock. This was different from Katie. Hers was soft and gentle and kind and giving. This was hard and primal and accepting. My tunnel grasped and pulled. My muscles contracted on that gigantic, rock-hard pillar, and it rewarded me jetting its steamy liquid over the inside of my golden vessel. Again and again I could feel that wondrous bull spitting his seed into me. As the spurting began to subside, he held himself fully buried within me, and I could feel the last of his jets squeezing out between his cum hole and the back of my vagina.

I could barely breathe. I couldn’t talk. I lay there trembling with sated passion. Tom was still inside me, his pubis pressed hard against mine, leaning on his outstretched arms as if he was trying to push completely through me. He was the master, and I was his. He ground himself into my clit as if to say, “see if your little sixteen year-old girl can do that for you.”

When I could finally breathe, I said, “so I guess you’re okay with it?”

“With what?” He quipped, and we both laughed, until we cried. Tom was still buried in me and showed no signs of retreating. He was still firm, if not as rigid as he had been. He still filled me and made me want more. “I love you, Jen. I’ve never loved you more. I would do anything and endure anything for you. If that makes you happy, then it makes me happy. It also makes me hot as hell, thinking about it. The thought of you, having her clit between your lips... rubbing your clits together... God, I’d love to see that.” At that, I could feel his cock begin to stiffen again. “You sucking her pussy juices, while she licks you...” He was moving now. His cock was fully hard again, and he was beginning to thrust in and out. This time he was slower, but he still pushed in as far as each thrust would go. “You ate her pussy,” he said, as he rammed into me. “She ate yours.” He was banging me hard and faster, now. “Tell me again,” he said. “Tell me how her pussy tasted.”

“It was sweet and delicious,” I said, warming to this game. “It smelled like pussy. Young pussy. Tight pussy. She had a beautiful clit. As big as mine.” He was churning and sweating and panting. His cock crashed against my cervix again and again, sending spikes of pleasure through my body. “Bigger – her clit was bigger than mine, and her pussy was so tight. I could barely get one finger in her. And when she came, I could feel that tight little hole squeezing and pulling and craving more and more, and I sucked her clit, and smelled her pussy, until she begged.”

Tom’s cock exploded into me again, and my body exploded back at him. My Kegel muscles clamped and pulled over and over, milking the last drop of that sweet semen from his glorious fucking engine. Finally, Tom pulled his member out of me and lay back on the bed beside me sweat dripping from both our bodies.

“You really understand? This doesn’t change us?” I asked.

“Understand? I don’t know. I understand the attraction for a woman. I actually experienced that myself once.” He said with his dry wit. “What you want to know is if I feel like you cheated on me. I really don’t. I’m not sure why. You want to know if I’m appalled that you had sex with another female. Obviously, I’m not: I’m intrigued by it. I’m excited by it. I’m enthralled with it. Does it change us? Not for the worse; not as far as I’m concerned. That is the most exciting sex we’ve had in a really long time. I feel really good about that. I’ll be ready for some more in a few minutes. Does it concern me that I might lose you to another woman? A bit. Might I?”

“You could never lose me to anyone,” I replied. I was really worried that you wouldn’t be able to get past this. I’m going back after the weekend, you know, and there’s going to be more of the same.”

“Give me a few minutes, and then tell me all about what’s going to happen,” Tom said, and in a few minutes I did, and we fucked again and then we fucked again. In the morning we fucked again. And we fucked again that night. Sunday we did it twice before it was time to go to the airport. He really was okay with it. He was more than okay, and I had a really big load off of my mind.

Back in Phoenix on Sunday night, Katie picked me up at the airport, dressed to kill. I was excited to see her, and as horny as if I hadn’t had sex in a month. She had on a short red skirt with a silky loose blouse with spaghetti straps. The blouse draped down her torso, presenting her hard nipples that almost jumped out to greet me. Everyone who saw her must have made a double take, but I wasn’t noticing that. She ran toward me and jumped into my arms. I squeezed her firm breasts into mine, and could feel myself getting wet.

We reached the car, and began to drive to her home. When she got into the driver’s seat, she pulled her skirt up to the top of her thighs, and I could see that she was wearing no panties, and got a glimpse of her beautiful pussy. It had been only two days, but I had missed it so bad. I leaned over and put my hand under her skirt and slid a finger along her clit, as she pushed it into me. She was as wet as I. I realized again that this was a 16 year-old driver who didn’t need any distractions and withdrew my hand and satisfied myself with observing the object of my passion. I told Katie about my conversations with Tom, and she was happy to hear that he was okay with our relationship, but I thought I felt a slight tone of jealousy.

We got to her home, and I immediately went in to check on Carolyn. She briefly moved her gaze from her TV, as she acknowledged me, and then went back to watching. I walked out of her room and as soon as we were out of sight, Katie pulled my hand and nearly dragged me into her room. Clothes were off, and we were in bed in record time. She pulled me to her body, so that out breasts crushed each other, and we held and kissed each other with no real movement for several minutes.

Finally, Katie began to move her lips down to my neck, sending sparks throughout my body, and then to my hard nipples where she sucked first one then the other, until I was wet with sweat and nearly blind with passion. I felt her face and hair and ran my hands over her soft, smooth shoulders, and she shifted her body around so that her stomach was even with my face, as she licked her tongue into my navel. I kissed her all over her lower body, and we slowly moved into a sixty nine position where she kissed my inner thighs on each side, and ran her tongue up the crease between my thighs and pussy. I was beside myself with desire, and craned my neck to get her pussy in my mouth, but she pulled it back, so that I could only get my mouth on her thigh or hips.

“Please, Sweetie. Please,” I pleaded, and with that she placed her lips right on the lips of my pussy, and shoved her hips at me, so that I could lick her swollen clit that I so craved. I sucked her clit as she sucked mine, and fingers found holes, and seconds later my whole body erupted into a mind-blowing orgasm, as intense as any I ever had. As mine peaked, I could feel Katie’s start. Her ass muscles tightened and she pushed her crotch into my face so that I had to gasp for the air I needed. We lay there grasping each other and jerking against each other for minutes until we both finally relaxed and fell apart.

It occurred to me that Katie had lit my fire perfectly, and I said, “You must have been planning that.”

“I guess I did,” she replied. “Good plan,” I said.

“I guess I have my moments,” She quipped.

I looked at the Computer screen, and Carolyn was fast asleep. Another orgasm apiece and it was time to go get dinner.

After dinner, Katie and I went back to her bed and played with each other for the rest of the evening. I couldn’t get enough of her that night, and she didn’t seem to be able to get enough of me. We continued to pleasure each other every evening for the rest of the month except for the weekends which I continued to spend with Tom. Tom always had me tell him about my sessions with Katie, and our lovemaking continued to be the best we had experienced in years. I even embellished the stories some just to get him hot. Katie didn’t ask anything about Tom after I had initially told her about how he had taken the news of her, and I didn’t offer anything. I continued to have the feeling that she was not comfortable that Tom and I were fucking, but she never said anything.

The month went by more quickly than I wanted. There was really very little for me to do: Katie was used to doing the housework, and kept everything under control. I took care of Carolyn, but she didn’t need much attention. Eat and go to the bathroom – that was pretty much it. Katie got home from school about 3:45, and we usually pleasured each other then and again before we went to sleep. We slept together for the first two weeks, but after Carolyn was able to get around by herself, I began sleeping in the guest bedroom. I loved being with Katie, but I missed Tom too.

When I returned from my last weekend home before I was to return home permanently, I could tell Katie had something on her mind. After our first lovemaking session, she said, “Aunt Jen, can I ask you something?” It was certainly something serious, since she had dispensed with“Sweetie,” in addressing me. I was pretty sure I knew what it was, and I was right.

“I want to go back and live with you,” she said with a plea in her voice – not at all the confident, self-assured, Katie I knew. I had been thinking about this constantly, and of course, I wanted just that. The problem was that I didn’t know how it would work out between Tom and Katie. Although I loved Katie with all my heart, I wasn’t willing to give up my marriage for her. She was fun and exciting and fulfilling, but Tom was literally my life. I had rehearsed my answer and said, “Oh, Sweetie, your mother would never let you go.”

“She would let me go. She would push me out the door. I’m just a bother for her, and she would be glad to get rid of me,” she argued. I knew she was right, so I just went straight for the real problem.

“Katie,” I said, “I don’t know how it would work out between you and Tom.”

I could see her eyes begin to tear up as she said, “I thought you said he was fine with us.”

“He is,” I replied, “but I sense that you wouldn’t be able to accept his and my relationship.” “His and your relationship? What do you mean,” she said.

“Well, I have the feeling that you aren’t comfortable with Tom and my sexual activities.”

“You mean I’m jealous?” She asked incredulously. “I’m not jealous! Why would you think that?”

“Well, I notice that you don’t really like to talk about our – I mean Tom and my – relationship,” I answered.

Her eyes teared up again, and she said, “I’m not comfortable with cocks. I know you like them. I’m fine with that. I know Tom is your husband. I’m fine with that. I know that it would be up to me to make it work at your home – up to me to get along with Tom. I’m fine with that. I want to do that. I’m asking you to let me be a member of your family. Don’t you understand?” She was sobbing by this time.

I put my arms around her and hugged her as tight as I could. “Well, Sweetie, let’s see what your mother says.”

Before I gave Carolyn her next pain pill (which she probably didn’t need, but never failed to request), Katie and I went into her room. “Carolyn,” I began, “this is my last week here, and I’m sure you are going to be okay. I know that you have a lot of concerns about Katie, and I would like to help. Katie would like to come stay with me for a while, so you don’t have that to worry about that, and I think that would work out well for everyone. I haven’t talked with Tom about it, but I’m confident he won’t object. What do you think?”

I had anticipated Carolyn’s response, and I was right on: “I really appreciate your offer, Jen, but I don’t know if I would be able to stand being apart from her.”

“Well, it would certainly be hard on you, Carolyn,” I replied, “but in many ways it would be easier. You’ve told me about the serious arguments the two of you have had, and I expect the time apart would do you some good. I promise I will take good care of her, and just being in another part of the country is bound to have some educational value for her.”

“Well, what do you think, Katie?” She asked. It was a completely unnecessary question. I’d already told her Katie wanted to come, and she would have known that anyway, but this was a part of Carolyn’s obligatory objection before finally reluctantly acceding to the painful conclusion. After Katie affirmed that she was on board, she finally said, “I guess we could try it, but I don’t know if I can do it or not. We can try it.” She was barely able to hide her jubilance.

Tom was likewise barely able to hide his jubilance when I called him, and the decision was made. Of course, I was also jubilant, but I couldn’t completely suppress a fear that things might be harder than they seemed.

Whatever the future was to hold, it was done in less than five minutes. Arrangements were made with the schools; we packed; and Friday afternoon, Katie and I were on a plane headed back to my home.

It was late Friday night when Tom met us at the airport. I introduced Katie and Tom and they hugged warmly. When we got home it was after midnight, and I showed Katie her room as we helped her with her bags. We said goodnight as Tom and I started for our bedroom for some long overdue fucking. Katie looked lost, knowing what we were headed for and she wasn’t. I decided to talk about the elephant in the room. “Would you like to come with us,” I asked. She just nodded her head enthusiastically, as Tom squeezed my hand approvingly. “Come on, then,” I told her.

We went first into the bathroom, and Tom went first into the bathroom to brush his teeth. I removed all of my clothes, and paused briefly as I did so, to give Katie a look that said silently, “aren’t you getting undressed?” She began tentatively to remove hers, looking at me to make sure she had read me right. My smile showed her she was on the right track, and she stripped down to her panties, but left them on. Her nipples were tightly contracted, and by the sweat forming on her lip, I could tell it wasn’t because she was cold. Tom exited the bathroom in just his boxers, and I was surprised that he wasn’t erect. For all of his enthusiasm, he was a bit nervous. He sat on the bed and I could see that he liked Katie’s breasts as much as I before I went in and brushed my teeth.

A minute later, I came out and found the two of them silently looking at each other. Tom hadn’t gotten hard at the sight of Katie’s almost naked perfect body, and I decided to see if I could fix that. I knelt in front of him and pulled his boxers off in one yank. His semi-turgid member lay on his thigh, and I moved my lips to the head and planted a sloppy kiss on the end as my tongue explored his pee hole. The formerly lazy member snapped almost immediately to attention, and I placed it as far in my mouth as possible, then slowly drew my lips back up until they were again on the tip. He was rock solid now and he pulled me up over his head as he leaned back, leaving my now throbbing pussy on his lips. I was able to look over at Katie and see that one hand was holding her panties away from her stomach while the other was unabashedly slowly stroking her clit. Her eyes were locked on Tom’s raging pole which I had to assume now jerked with each beat of his heart.

Tom was pulling my mound into his mouth, and sucking my clit with raw passion. With what was left of my consciousness, I motioned Katie over to the bed, and she came willingly. I pulled her panties down and guided her up on her back so that I could get my mouth on her swollen clit. Katie began humping back at my mouth and uttering indiscernible noises, which I echoed. Tom had taken all he could, and slid his face from under me. He almost jerked me onto my knees, as his pulsing cock slid its entire length quickly to the end of my love tunnel. His thrusts were both forceful and gentle, and after only a few, my muscles tightened over and over on that wonderful, hard piece of meat, trying to milk the explosion from it. I was soon successful, and I could feel the hot cum bathing my vaginal walls as my orgasmic contractions peaked. Katie came as I did, humping and writhing and squealing, and finally even laughing, until she relaxed, satisfied.

Katie’s laughing caused me to start laughing too, and soon we were all rolling with laughter. Tom’s cock finally stopped jerking and he rolled off of me. A minute later, I rolled off of Katie to the other side, leaving the two of them next to each other. Katie leaned over and gave Tom a short, but slightly lingering kiss on the lips. At least for right then, we were good.

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